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The leader of the US Senate brings up trade and the fentanyl issue as the main topics of discussion during the 1st congressional visit to China since 2019

In Shanghai, a prominent American legislator leading the first congressional delegation to China in four years emphasized on Saturday that the United States is not interested in severing economic connections with the world’s second-largest economy. Instead, they are striving for a fair and equitable business environment where American companies can compete on an even footing.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, accompanied by five other senators, arrived in Shanghai earlier in the day as part of a tour that will also include visits to South Korea and Japan. This visit occurs against the backdrop of a significant deterioration in U.S.-China relations and as officials work towards potentially arranging a meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in November.

Schumer conveyed, “We are ready to engage in competition, but our intention is not to engage in conflicts,” during his conversation with Shanghai’s Communist Party leader shortly after the delegation’s arrival.


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