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Why Young Chinese Are Leaving Their Jobs And Hosting ‘Resignation Parties’

“On the day Liang bid farewell to his banking job in China’s Zhejiang province, his friends organized a celebration reminiscent of traditional marriage rituals. They marked the occasion by beating gongs and drums, adorning Liang with a flower pinned to his chest under a scarlet banner bearing the message: ‘We’re done with this nonsense job!’

The surroundings were adorned with lanterns, banners, and ‘double happiness’ signs typically associated with weddings, while the tables were laden with food.

Each guest received an invitation that read: ‘Hope you eat well and drink well, escape from the bitterness as soon as possible.’

Celebrating the departure from a stable job with a decent salary might seem unusual, especially given China’s challenging economic climate and the record-high youth unemployment rate, where such positions are scarce.”

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